I need a bit of tranquility as an artist living in a city. My previous works are attempts to get some sort of quietness in the city, no matter how limited it is. There is, however, an endless amount of it in nature, where you can feel the calming energy of woods and streams. I have visited forests so many times that I feel as if their fresh air stayed in my body. Drawing on canvas from my memory of the fresh air in my studio is a process enjoyable to me.
As you walk across Macao, you will find cobblestone pavements in different parts of the little town. The pavements, the food stands in Patane, the cannons on Mong Ha Hill, and the Coloane residents exposing salted fish in sunlight are what I can recall of the city in nostalgia after I left the place.
Doppelganger-Mirror Image-1
Doppelganger There are no exact copies in this world, no perfect clones. Even industrially mass-produced items are just copies which tend to be very close to the original. After all, any two copies are just independent individuals that are extremely similar, never identical. Regarding the topic of copying, I thought deeply about the relationship between the "first body" and the "second body" (its Doppelganger), and explored the spiritual and creative possibilities of copying through creation.